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Train The Trainer Course – Hampshire – 2 Days

Train The Trainer Course Delivered In Conjunction with Ipso Facto This 2-day Train the Trainer course is designed for trainers, managers and supervisors who are responsible for delivering training within their organisation. This is a generic Train the Trainer course, suitable for trainers from all walks of life. It is designed to provide new and inexperienced trainers with the…

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Time Management Training – London

How to get more done in less time with reduced stress COURSE LEADER: Gavin Meikle BSc. Head of Learning, Inter-Activ Who is this time management training designed for? Staff and managers at all levels who face the challenge of delivering on objectives with limited resources and whilst being faced with an increasing number of demands…

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Dynamic Presentation Skills Training – Hampshire – 1 Day

Presentation Skills training Delivered In Conjunction with Ipso Facto Training The ability to speak to groups with confidence and clarity is an essential business skill for sales people and managers. This interactive course will give you the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to be a  more effective public speaker from an experienced, professional presenter. Presentation Skills Training…

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Assertiveness Skills – London

Assertiveness is a learnable skill that allows us to communicate our thoughts, ideas and feelings honestly with those around us.Aims of the course Delegates are shown how to manage their business relationships effectively. At times, it may be necessary to stand firm on an issue.The course ensures that the situation is managed so that neither personal…

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How to Manage Workplace Conflict

Does your business or at least some areas of it suffer from moaning, bitching & complaining?   If it does, these are all symptoms of low level conflict, and they could be costing your business dearly. Think about it for a moment.   What are the consequences of such behaviours? Poor customer service, low productivity, poor quality,…

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What Are You Going To Do Differently in 2007

Yes is now officially 2007 and all the excuses are over! It’s time to put those resolutions into practice. I assume that you are reading this blog at least partially because you want to change something in your life. Either you want to be a more confident presenter and public speaker or you want to…

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