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What makes or breaks a conference presentation?

As part of a recent presentation skills coaching programme for a large client, I have been reviewing videos of some of their top directors presenting at a company conference. Some presenters got it right and got great evaluations and others clearly didn’t and,as an external observer the reasons for the latter were clear Lack of…

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How do I memorise a speech?

At my local Toastmasters club tonight one of our newer members asked me how I memorised speeches. Now that’s an intriguing question especially for me since I don’t normally think consciously about “memorising” memorising speeches at all. When I questioned him further on why he wanted to know, he said that he wanted to deliver…

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Ask The Expert – Your chance to put me on the spot

I thought that rather than assuming you would want to read about the topics that I decide to blog about, I might put myself in the firing line today. Have you got a questions, burning issues or comments that would like me to blog about? If so all you have to do is either post…

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A lesson from the world of entertainment

This morning I was chatting to a friend called Bob Jury whom I met at a breakfast networking meeting in the lovely little town of Hartley Wintney in North Hampshire.   Despite the early hour, Bob was on top form as usual.  We were discussing how people “sell” themselves at networking events and in particular the…

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A new free online mind mapping application

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am a keen mind mapper and recommend this powerful technique as a great way to develop presentation content and even to use as your notes.   A little while ago I reviewed freemind, a free open-source application that can be downloaded from the web. Well the other day…

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Prisoners of our own beleifs

In a slight digression from my normal posts, I’d like to share some thoughts about limiting beleifs and how they hold us back from realising our true potential, be that as a presenter, influencer, parent  etc.   I hope you enjoy this short (5min) audio podcast. Just make sure your speakers are turned on and click…

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Leading Your Audience Down The Garden Path

All effective speakers know that they need to take their audience on a journey. A journey from where they are at the start of the presentation, to where they need to be at the end in order to take the presenters desired action. Occasionally you’ll be lucky and your audience will have already bought in…

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New Year Presentation Resolutions

Happy New  to you all.   I was wondering if any of you had applied the principle of setting New Years Resolutions to your Presentation and Public Speaking skills yet.    Here are some suggestions that might get you thinking… I resolve to learn how to use PowerPoint effectively so that I don’t bore the pants of…

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Christmas Wishes and a Big Thank You!

As Christmas approaches I’m hanging up my keyboard for a few days and looking forward to a relaxing break.  I just want to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas.   I hope that whatever you are doing over the holidays you have lots of fun and get a well deserved break. 2008 will be here before we…

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