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The Three Essential Management Skills For 21st Century Business Success

Presentation Skills

Boost your ability to influence customers and colleagues by developing the confidence and skill to speak in public.

Learn how to ace every presentation and pitch. Our presentation skills training courses and interpersonal skills programs teach you how to educate, entertain and persuade.

You'll learn the secrets of powerful presenting from engaging speakers who walk the talk. Their constructive feedback will accelerate your learning dramatically - you'll be amazed at the progress you can make in just one day. 

Our presentation skills training and 1:1 public speaking coaching will hone the skills of novice and experienced speakers.

Time Management

Today,  you need to make the most of your precious time. We understand that the pressure of  continually being asked to do more in less time can lead to long hours, poor decisions and stress.

Our popular time management training courses teach a range of practical, proven techniques and tools that are, if implemented, guaranteed to help you and your staff get more done in less time.

You'll learn how to prioritise the important over the urgent. We'll show you how to use simple systems to keep on top of your ever expanding to do list. We'll help you to avoid email overwhelm and how to stay focused for better productivity.

Management Skills

Becoming a manager is one of the most exciting and scary career moves. Now you are responsible for the output of others as well as yourself. There's an art to getting the most out of your team.

Our management skills training programs turn good supervisors into great managers. We cover topics like; how to set goals and manage performance; how to deal with different people; how to give effective feedback.

An employee's relationship with their line manager is the single most important factor in determining their performance, so investing wisely in management training makes sound business sense.

About Our Approach

Taming Your Terror

Why Train Your Managers?

Here's what our customers say about our presentation skills training

How satisfied were you with the workshop overall?
I thought that Gavin was fantastic and I learned a lot. I went away feeling a lot more confident to speak publicly.

Please include an overall comment about the course below:

The value of the course to you:
To improve my presentation skills is invaluable to me. It was a skill lacking in my communications role and I looked forward to correcting that. I now feel excited that I know I can feel more comfortable in giving a presentation or hosting a conference day.

The Trainer:
Gavin was very easy to listen to and held my interest in the course all day. Please pass on my thanks to Gavin for boosting my confidence in a way that was right for me.

Teaching materials:
The course was easy to follow while being informative and fun.

Venue facilities:
The venue was easy to get to and professional.

NIkki Loader, Southern Water

"This very enjoyable course improved my confidence and contained some very interesting tips.  The trainer gave many examples of "how to's" relevant to my situation.  Three opportunities to practice!    Very useful and much-needed course - Thank you very much."

Charlie May, Best Invest

"Thank you for an excellent presentation. it was exactly right, and the feedback at the end was very positive. Your presentation brought life to an interesting subject with excellent real-life examples. Thanks for responding so positively to the reduce time slot."

Chris Moyles, Hilton Baird

Overall Satisfaction:
Excellent. Very experienced and knowledgeable teacher combined with useful materials and great exercises. The difference in my confidence between first presentation and second was great.

Facilitator Style:
Good communicator and relaxed style gave me confidence that I could improve by using the skills demonstrated. Encouraging attitude from the teacher was very welcome.

How satisfied were you with opportunities to demonstrate your knowledge and practice your skills during the day?
Very satisfied. The course was extremely effective in showing the journey from inexperience and lack of confidence to a confident presentation to finish. Different types of exercises and materials very useful.

How confident are you that you will apply the knowledge and skills learned
After realising the mistakes I was making and more importantly how my nerves were being viewed by the audience I will make a big effort to increase my preparation and be less nervous when speaking. The PREP strategy was particularly useful to me both personally and professionally.

Louie French, Best Invest

"I have known Gavin for a number of years now and I can highly recommend his calm and logical way of instantly giving you confidence in your own unique presentation style.  I love the fact that he builds you up making the most of your natural way of doing things rather than trying to make you fit into the presentation box that works for him. Simple techniques like knowing how many words my speech should have and how long that should last have made me aware of the speed I talk."

Sheryl Andrews

"Gavin's talk was excellent - perfect, concise and plenty useful information even in a limited time slot. He has made me reconsider how I present my pitch"


"A well constructed, balanced presentation with effective exercises and feedback.  Gavin created a relaxed, informal atmosphere that encouraged questions and comments. Overall a good value course which covered all the main points that I am likely to encounter.  Many thanks!"

Roger Downland, Flight Data Services