"The quality of your managers determines the performance of your staff."

Many managers receive little if any people management training. Leaving them to learn "on the job", is a slow and risky strategy.

Effective managers need to be good at...

  • Setting clear goals
  • Monitoring performance
  • Nipping "problem" behaviour in the bud
  • Motivating their teams
  • Managing conflict within their team
  • Giving praise as well as constructive feedback
  • Delegating effectively
  • Managing their time and priorities
  • Training and coaching their staff to solve their own problems


Our tailored management training addresses these issues

We don't just teach theory in our leadership and management courses; we help your staff to apply it in the "real world".  Our trainers are all experienced and successful managers who can give real-life examples to bring the theory to life. We will equip your managers with the positive management mindset and practical skills necessary to deal with most common management challenges.  The result is better leaders and higher performing teams.

Why choose a local management training provider like us?

We deliver a range of proven management training solutions, from a one-day open programme for new managers, through to a comprehensive, tailor-made modular management academy. Using a local training provider like inter-activ will significantly reduce your management development costs.

  • Avoid paying inflated city prices for your management training
  • Reduce travel and accommodation costs
  • Minimise time away from staff and clients

Case studies

See some examples of our management training case studies here.

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