Effective Time Management Training

Time Management Training“Staff who know how to track their tasks, prioritise properly and manage interruptions better get more of the right work done!”

I can’t think of any successful business where there is much spare time!  With lean organisations, there is always more to be done than there is time available to do it in,  Learning the secrets of effective time management increases productivity, improves service and reduces workplace stress.

Common time management issues:

  • Difficulty prioritising tasks properly
  • Reluctance to ask for clarification when faced with conflicting priorities
  • Habitually saying yes to everything including distracting and less important tasks
  • Putting off tasks that are perceived as being big, difficult, or unpleasant
  • Inefficient task management strategies leading to multiple lists and missed deadlines
  • Failure to use your calendar as part of your time time management toolkit
  • email overload

Our training courses:

We offer a range effective time management training courses and personal productivity support solutions including

  • One day public time management training workshops in Fareham and London
  • One day in-house tailored personal time management and productivity workshops
  • Half day in-house workshops
  • Two hour business brain boosts including time management related topics

To find out more check our open programme dates or get in touch today

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