Are you happy with the way you and your staff present?

How much better would your bottom line be if your people were better public speakers?

More and more businesses see the value of offering their managers and sales people the opportunity to polish their presentation skills by attending one or more of our highly effective public speaking courses.   They understand that better presentations lead to increased sales

Today, staff at all levels have to present to customers, colleagues, suppliers or shareholders, but poor presentation skills can be wasteful, both in terms of sales and time.  The sad reality is that most business presentations are mediocre at best.  It's impossible to estimate how much these poor presentations are costing businesses every year, but it must run into millions.  Our persuasive public speaking courses can give you the edge you need.

We are your local presentation skills training specialists

  • Our open public speaking courses enable you and your staff  to create and deliver
    stunning speeches and persuasive presentations that generate results
  • Our public speaking coaching builds confidence, clarity, and credibility
  • Our tailored presentation training courses help your managers communicate clearly
  • We are based in Portsmouth and serve clients like you across Hampshire and West Sussex

Our public speaking courses follow a tried and tested process

We start by learning about your business, your customers, and your people. 

  1. We take the time to gather information on the type of presentations delivered by your team 
  2. We ask questions about your people and their current attitude and approach to speaking in public.
  3. We explore your presentation goals 
  4. Finally, we recommend an individual coaching or group training solution that meets your needs & your budget.

Practice plus feedback are key elements of our presentation skills training

Our public speaking courses are highly interactive, and we expect the delegates to give at least two presentations during a one day course.

After each presentation, they receive constructive feedback and support. We also record their speeches on video and allow them to review their performance online.  Years of experience have convinced us that identifying existing good presentation skills and then building on them brings the best results in the shortest time.

Our presentation skills and public speaking courses typically include the following elements

  • Transforming nerves into a source of energy
  • Setting a clear  outcome and then building a presentation that achieves it
  • Structuring your presentation contention for maximum impact
  • Using vocal variety, gesture, and body language to engage and inspire others 
  • Crafting an engaging opening and a compelling conclusion for maximum impact and message retention
  • Making the most of visual aids - how to add value without boring the pants off your audience

You will be surprised and delighted at the results
we can get in just one or two days.

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