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Mind mapping

Presenting with imindmap HD and iPad

In this post I will share my experiences of the using the iPad and iMindMap HD app as a presentation tool. I have been a mind mapper for more than 25 years and one of the reasons I bought my iPad was to be able to be able to create electronic maps on the move.…

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iPad for presenters?

In have been living with my iPad for almost a month now and I thought you might be interested in my early experiences with this much hyped bit of gadgetry. I have used it at home and on the road and have performed a number of common tasks including checking and writing emails, reading books,…

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Great free online mindmapping software with Mindomo

As many of you may already know I am a keen user of  Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping concept both manually and via software applications such as Mindmanager, imindmap and freemind.  well the other day I came across another application which got me very excited.   It’s called Mindomo and whilst its not quite as powerful and…

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