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Selling skills

(Q1xD)xQ2=R – A Formula for Sales Success?

Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that are the most useful. I recently attended a networking meeting and the group leader shared a formula which has helped me think more productively about my business.  In this post I’m going to share this formula for sales success with you. To be honest, when (Q1xD)xQ2=R appeared on the…

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Do we need a new sales vocabulary?

Recently I was having a conversation with a fellow sales trainer about why some people find selling such a challenge. One reason we agreed on was that the words “sales” and “selling” have a ton of unhelpful mental baggage associated with them. Just test this out for yourself right now. Grab a piece of paper…

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If you want to be good at sales, you need to learn how to present

In my book, presentation skills and selling skills go hand and hand.   The principles of effective selling will help you to produce powerful persuasive presentation and the principles of great presenting will help you sell much better face to face. Almost every type of presentation is about persuasion.   You want your audience to do something…

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Match the pace to your content – Changing gear in a speech or presentation

I was particularly impressed with the way Rich matched his energy and pace of delivery to the story he was telling. At the start his pace was slow and measured as he described the rather boring car journey where he was too small to see much out of the car window but clouds. Then, when he arrived at his gran’s the pace picked up dramatically as he described zooming into her house (an Aladdin’s cave for a five year old boy!) with his arms outstretched behind him pretending to be a plane. The pace stayed high as he described how he explored and played and then slowed a little as he started to describe the other family members present. The pace slowed further as he brought us up to the present day and how things had changed. How his granny wasn’t as energetic as she had been, how the food wasn’t as home cooked as it had been and so on. This “gear change”change of pace brought a poignancy and a sense of reflection to this speech that worked beautifully and lead us up nicely to Rich’s take away message.

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When was the last time you evaluated your sales pitch?

I choose not to buy into all the doom and gloom that is going the rounds but I do accept that right now, the prevailing economic conditions are tough. That’s why it’s more important than ever to evaluate our sales pitches to see if they are still good enough. Ask yourself these questions and then…

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