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Assertiveness Skills – London

Assertiveness is a learnable skill that allows us to communicate our thoughts, ideas and feelings honestly with those around us.Aims of the course Delegates are shown how to manage their business relationships effectively. At times, it may be necessary to stand firm on an issue.The course ensures that the situation is managed so that neither personal…

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Assertive Language Tips

Today I’d like to pass on three simple tips for improving your own assertive communication through choosing and using your language more appropriately. Don’t over apologise or over justify. Minimise the use of hesitant language. Know when to shut up. Tip one: Don’t over explain or over apologise.Here I would like to concentrate on the…

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Establishing Trust And Respect Through Eye Contact

Today I had the privilege of working with some fantastic year 10 pupils from Mayfield School in Portsmouth as part of a pre-work experience conference organised by Portsmouth Eductation Business Partnership (EBP) . I was part of a speed networking event where various local employers and entrepreneurs spent 10 minutes each with several year groups,being…

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Assertive Rights – The Key to Developing Assertive Behaviour

Today I was reading an article about human rights abuses and it reminded me that these things also apply much closer to home too. When a person behaves assertively they are affirming that they have rights and so do those they are dealing with. Contrast this with the two alternative behavioural styles. When people behave…

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Don’t confuse Assertiveness with Agression

One of the challenges around assertiveness is that people seem to be unsure what it really is. It often appears that we live in a world of extremes; good and evil, left wing/right wing politics etc. Under this model then, if you are not being passive or non-assertive you must be being aggressive. We all…

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Assertiveness Tip – Develop An Assertive Stance

Assertiveness is not just about the words you say and the way you say them. It’s also about the body language you adopt. If your words are saying one thing and your body language is saying another, people will give more weight to what your body language is communicating. Here’s a quick and simple tip…

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Increase Your Assertiveness by Saying Less!

Now at first sight the title for today’s article may seem a bit odd to say the least. How can anyone be more assertive by saying less? Well, the interesting thing is that, non assertive people have a habit of overdoing it when they try to be assertive. They over justify or over apologise which…

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Some Ideas for Increasing Your Assertive Behaviour

Today being Friday, I’d like to share some practical thoughts on assertive communication. This follows on nicely from yesterdays tip on negotiation skills because, successful negotiators always negotiate in an assertive rather than aggressive or non-assertive manner. The good news is that Assertiveness is not a personality trait, it is a set of learned behaviours…

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