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Body language

“Dr, I think I wave my hands about too much”

I think I wave my hands too much

Tales From the Presentation Doctor’s Casebook #1 Case date: 23/08/16 – Subject A Presenting Problem: The patient came to me because of their concern relating to gesticulation. “Dear Presentation Doctor, I’m worried that I wave my hands around too much when I speak. What should I do about it?” Dear “A”, you are not alone.…

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Effective Hand Gestures for Better Presentations

adult and childs hands touching effective hand gestures

Way back in May 2008 I wrote a post to answer the question posed by many nervous presenters – “What do I do with my hands?”   In it, I focussed on a comfortable resting place for your hands when not gesturing. In this new article, I want to take things a step forward and look…

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