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How to Manage Workplace Conflict

Does your business or at least some areas of it suffer from moaning, bitching & complaining?   If it does, these are all symptoms of low level conflict, and they could be costing your business dearly. Think about it for a moment.   What are the consequences of such behaviours? Poor customer service, low productivity, poor quality,…

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Selling & Influencing Tips – Building Rapport – FAST!

The key to a successful and mutually beneficial sales relationship is the ability to establish rapport with your prospective client quickly. Some people believe that rapport is a “chemistry” thing that depends on both people and that you either have it or you don’t. Whilst there is an element of truth in this, consider the…

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Selling & Influencing Tips – Match The Clients Style

One of the common traits of successful influencers is their ability to instantly read their customers and adapt their communication style to suit that of the client. Once I was coaching someone who was seeking to influence the senior partner in an accounting firm. The consultant’s natural style was extrovert, chatty and very positive. When…

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