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Sales Techniques.

Become More Persuasive – Start Where Your Audience Are At

cartoon of man and a whiteboard with the message want to become more persuasive

I was moved to write this post about how to become more persuasive as a result of a recent set of experiences.  I have a friend who, due to personal circumstances, has become incredibly passionate about healthy eating.  He has started expressing his zeal in many ways including multiple social media posts and a hard-hitting…

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(Q1xD)xQ2=R – A Formula for Sales Success?

Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that are the most useful. I recently attended a networking meeting and the group leader shared a formula which has helped me think more productively about my business.  In this post I’m going to share this formula for sales success with you. To be honest, when (Q1xD)xQ2=R appeared on the…

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The secrets of running workshops and successful seminars

running workshops - are you ready>

When people ask me if running workshops and seminars is a good idea for their business, I usually say “It depends.” They are proven to strengthen relationships with existing clients and showcase your expertise to new ones.  Seminars and workshops can also create a comfortable environment where existing happy customers can help you to  “sell” your services…

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Do we need a new sales vocabulary?

Recently I was having a conversation with a fellow sales trainer about why some people find selling such a challenge. One reason we agreed on was that the words “sales” and “selling” have a ton of unhelpful mental baggage associated with them. Just test this out for yourself right now. Grab a piece of paper…

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If you want to be good at sales, you need to learn how to present

In my book, presentation skills and selling skills go hand and hand.   The principles of effective selling will help you to produce powerful persuasive presentation and the principles of great presenting will help you sell much better face to face. Almost every type of presentation is about persuasion.   You want your audience to do something…

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Influencing secrets – Tell your audience what you want them to do!

I spent some time in George Best International airport in Belfast recently coming back from a fundraising workshop with the charity Concern Worldwide UK When I entered the airport departure lounge I saw the usual television screens with departure and arrival information but I also saw something I had never seen before… Normally, when your…

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A cheeky sales approach that worked

Today I was phoned by a guy who I have met on a couple of occasions at local networking events.  he works for a company called the disc directory, a local on-line business directory covering Portsmouth and Southampton. Now I’m pretty hard on tele-sales people but his approach was so refreshing that I just had…

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Influencing Cultural Change in Organisations

I was running an influencing skills workshop earlier this week and part of the course involved a presentation by me on Prof Robert Cialdini’s six principles of influence.  (NB: If you haven’t read professor Cialdini’s book on Influence, you really should!) One of the principles is called consensus and it embodies the idea that we are more…

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