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PowerPoint Tips

Presentation Slide Design – Stop Animations Spoiling Your Presentation

Presentation slide design - animation example

PowerPoint, Keynote, and Skyrocket can create some excellent visual aids.  Sadly, many presenters have never been taught the principles of presentation slide design. In this post, I’d like to focus on one element of presentation slide design called animation. Animation refers to the ability to control how the words and images on your slide appear.  It allows you to…

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How to Make a Great PowerPoint Presentation

outline of a head with a strip of film passing through it

Why do you think so many people still ask me to tell them how to make a good PowerPoint presentation?  Surely by now everyone would have worked out that the typical corporate PowerPoint Presentations don’t work!   Well apparently not,  judging by the number of appalling examples I still see on a regular basis. My theory for…

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Using Visual Aids – Ikea Replaces PowerPoint!

Whilst I am a fan of the intelligent and sparing use of PowerPoint and other presentation tools  I am always on the lookout for great examples of presentations which use props to bring their messages to life. I recently came across this short 10 minute video on TED and I commend it to you.  Hans…

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The secrets of running workshops and successful seminars

running workshops - are you ready>

When people ask me if running workshops and seminars is a good idea for their business, I usually say “It depends.” They are proven to strengthen relationships with existing clients and showcase your expertise to new ones.  Seminars and workshops can also create a comfortable environment where existing happy customers can help you to  “sell” your services…

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Is there a place for video in your presentation?

I recently had an inquiry from a reader regarding the embedding of my avoiding death by PowerPoint video. This got me thinking. I quite often use video clips within a presentation for a number of reasons. They are great for demonstrating a particular technique. Ever tried to explain how do do something using only words?…

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Powerpoint and teaching English?

Today I had a response to my 7 minute video on preventing death by Powerpoint.      The poster, a student teacher asked the following question: As a future teacher I will be using PowerPoint (e.g. for teaching grammar). As a topic for a course it could be useful for many people in my field…

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Alternatives to powerpoint for visual aids

Recently I have been looking at a couple of free on-line alternatives to Powerpoint for producing attractive and effective visual aids to support a presentation.   There are now a whole host  and how many will survive  only time will tell.  Thankfully  this morning I found a great post that gives you links to 13 great…

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