Today I had a response to my 7 minute video on preventing death by Powerpoint.      The poster, a student teacher asked the following question:

As a future teacher I will be using PowerPoint (e.g. for teaching grammar).
As a topic for a course it could be useful for many people in my field of education (English) to learn how to link a powerpoint to a written text (e.g. poetry; if you want to link visual images to support your story about poetry, in what way could you incorporate them into your PowerPoint).   Obviously the bullet point approach won’t work as you made clear in your presentation. Any suggestions?

Now I’m not an expert in teaching English grammar but my first thought was to use quotes from famous people which illustrate the rules you are teaching and then  design a power point slide with a picture of the person with the quote in a Speech bubble.     I’m sure that there must be other ideas out there so I thought I’d open it up to the group.  Please respond using the comments form below.



  1. Sandy on 05/08/2010 at 20:45

    Hi Gavin,
    I am putting together a workshop/list of resources for teaching faculty. I loved the video and was wondering if I could embed it somehow in a presentation?
    I am quite intrigued by the ‘Ban Bullet points’ argument and would like to see the research before I strongly recommend such a radical step.

    • Gavin Meikle on 05/08/2010 at 21:15

      Thanks Sandy
      Thanks Sandy
      I’ll email you a link to download the presentation shortly. The stats I quote come from the work of Professor Richard E Meyer and his book Multimedia learning.

      Thanks for your interest.


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