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Avoid These Common Elevator Pitch Pitfalls, and See Your Business Grow

I’ve been a regular Networker for almost 14 years, and I dread to think how many elevator pitches I’ve sat through. Sadly most just seem to drone in through one ear and out the other without making any impact.

This morning I was at another such event and, as I listened to 29 elevator pitches, I got the inspiration for this post. I spotted a number of common speaking mistakes. So here they are, along with some simple suggestions to end them…

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Speak up or shut up!

This morning I attended a networking meeting in Winchester with members of 4Networking, it was a great event with some really great people and I was particularly impressed by the communication skills of some of the group members. They spoke with confidence, authority, humour and engagement. One member had volunteered to give a 10 minute…

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What should you say in a 1 minute elevator pitch?

Recently I posted video about the importance of first impressions both in short networking introductions and in longer presentations. Today I’d like to focus in on the typical 1 minute introductions you get at a Networking group. This is your chance to showcase your business and educate your fellow networkers on what you do so…

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Pitching beyond the room

I heard my good friend Jim Culverwell use the phrase “pitching beyond the room” last night whilst discussing his approach at networking meetings like BNI and Peer Group Learning.  I loved the phrase  because it sums up a truth that most people who network seem to completely ignore and I had to share it with…

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