This morning I attended a networking meeting in Winchester with members of 4Networking, it was a great event with some really great people and I was particularly impressed by the communication skills of some of the group members. They spoke with confidence, authority, humour and engagement.

One member had volunteered to give a 10 minute educational slot on the legal profession and how to get the most out of it. He wasn’t selling his firm, he was helping to broaden our knowledge and in doing so he help build his own brand in our minds.

So many networkers complain that they don’t get a return on their networking investments and yet they do the minimum possible in the meetings. They stumble through their 1 minute elevator pitch, and they run a mile when given the opportunity to speak for longer. How crazy is that. Who in their right mind would avoid a direct opportunity to establish their credibility and expertise?

I appreciate that public speaking is a major fear for many people but that is no excuse. Given the impact that developing this skill can have on your business, career and income, isn’t it worth learning how to do it properly! Practice in conjunction with constructive feedback is the single most effective way I know to overcome your fear and develop this immensely valuable skill.

Hats of to the people who take the plunge and as for the rest of you…

What will it take to make you change your mind. There is a great communicator in every one of you. If you can’t find it in you on your own, don’t hesitate to ask for help!

Gavin Meikle,
The Presentation Doctor.

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