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Public Speaking

How to write a funny speech – Part 1

how to write a funny speech

WHY YOU SHOULD LEARN HOW TO WRITE A FUNNY SPEECH Understanding how to deliver a speech well will make you feel good but being able to weave humour into any speech will get you noticed. Today we expect speakers to entertain as well as inform us, so understanding how to write a funny speech is an essential skill for aspiring…

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Become a Better Speaker by Watching Videos

How to become a better speaker by watching videos

It’s never been easier to find examples of great speakers that you can watch, analyse and learn from in order to become a better speaker. But making the most of these recordings isn’t as easy as you might think. In this article, I’ll help you to become a better speaker by finding good speech examples to model. I’ll also share some useful tips on how to work out what the best presenters do differently.

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Presentation Skills – The Gentle Art of Moving Minds

Image depicting a journey from A to B through a maze - public speaking skills

What do the great orators of the past, the compelling media presenters of the TV era and great entertainers all have in common? I believe that the answer lies in their ability to challenge our thinking. They understood that the art of public speaking is a means to an end and that end lies in the minds of their audience.

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Hey Mr Executive Speaker – Why should I listen to you?

monkey with hands over ears, Hey Mr Executive Speaker, why should anyone listen to you?

Today, many executive speakers rely on their job title to hold their audience’s attention rather than their content or delivery style. Those that do are deluding themselves. Why would anybody listen to you unless you have something worthwhile to say? Something that grabs their attention by the scruff of the neck and holds it.

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Practical Audience Engagement Ideas For Public Speakers

audience engagement ideas - a sea of raised hands

Hands up if you enjoy being lectured to? I didn’t think so, so why is it that so many public speakers fall into the trap of conducting a monologue with their audience? One common reason is that they simply don’t know the best ways to create engagement. If this is your problem, this little article will be a big help…

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Public Speaking Course – Portsmouth

Did you know that you have hidden super powers? Discover them in our public speaking courses – Portsmouth  Human beings are born with the innate ability to express themselves – just look at babies and young children!   Sadly, many people learn to suppress this natural ability, as they grow up.  The result is that they…

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The Benefits of Collaborative Presentation Development

collaborative presentation development

Writing a presentation or speech on your own can be difficult and challenging but it doesn’t need to be. Involving other people can make the task much easier and less daunting along with a host of extra benefits. Let’s take a look at why collaborative presentation development makes sense, and explore various ways to enlist the support of others.

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