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How to Manage Workplace Conflict

Does your business or at least some areas of it suffer from moaning, bitching & complaining?   If it does, these are all symptoms of low level conflict, and they could be costing your business dearly. Think about it for a moment.   What are the consequences of such behaviours? Poor customer service, low productivity, poor quality,…

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Boost Your Negotiating Power By Doing Your Homework

In this post I’d like to address the most common failure of inexperienced negotiators – a lack of preparation. To be more successful in negotiations you really do need to do your homework. When I say this, a groan goes around the class and a whole raft of excuses come flooding out such as “I…

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Use Rapport Skills To Win Better Deals

Rapport is the master skill of all communicators, and when you apply it to any type of negotiation the results can be magical. I define rapport as the art of cooperative communication, the mutual feeling of trust, respect and comfort that underpins all successful negotiations. As an NLP practitioner and experienced negotiator, I know first…

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Negotiation Tip – Chunk Up!

A couple of posts ago I introduced the concept of “Win-Win” outcomes or “Happy-Happy” negotiations as I prefer to think of them. One of the biggest challenges with this idea is that it often seems like an impossible dream when the two parties negotiating appear to have fixed positions which are mutually exclusive. Great negotiators…

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Negotiation Tip – A Lesson From Sir Alan Sugar

Last night, like millions of others around the UK, I was glued to the TV to watch the penultimate episode of the Apprentice. After a gruelling round of interviews, the five remaining candidates were to be whittled down to the final two. Lohit and Tre were dispatched in usual Alan Sugar style but the real…

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Negotiation Tip – Aim For A Happy-Happy Result

When I first started learning about negotiation skills, everyone talked about win-win as being the most desired outcome. As a negotiating rookie, I had a lot of trouble with this concept. Surely negotiation is about getting what I want so how can I do that without the other person losing. Is win-win really possible? As…

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Negotiation Tip – Think of Everything as Negotiable

Negotiation is the art of getting the best deal for you and the other party.Most people think of it in a limited number of restricted contexts like selling and buying houses or buying goods at a market OR in big corporate deals. People have self imposed rules on when and where it is OK to…

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Negotiation Secrets Revealed

If it’s Thursday then this blog must be about how to negotiate more effectively and so it is.Now negotiation is one of those skill sets that everybody can benefit from. Indeed negotiation is part and parcel of everyday life whether we are negotiating a good deal on a hotel room, the best price in a…

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