Regular readers of this blog will know that I am a keen mind mapper and recommend this powerful technique as a great way to develop presentation content and even to use as your notes.   A little while ago I reviewed freemind, a free open-source application that can be downloaded from the web.

Well the other day I was sent a link to  an alternative product called

I’ve had a quick look and it’s an interesting little application with a simple and relatively intuitive interface.  To call it a mind mapping application is stretching the definition slightly as I would call it’s outputs bubble charts rather than mind maps but the basic underlying principles are the same.

The current version doesn’t allow users to upload pictures, symbols or diagrams but you can save your “maps” and send them to others or embed them in a website or blog. See the example below.  It’s not perfect and I still prefer
mind manager but why not take a look at it yourself.

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