From 09:15 until 16:30

Presentation Skills training Delivered In Conjunction with Ipso Facto Training

The ability to speak to groups with confidence and clarity is an essential business skill for sales people and managers. This interactive course will give you the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to be a  more effective public speaker from an experienced, professional presenter.

Presentation Skills Training Course Overview:

Dull, boring business presentations waste time and turn-off audiences. This hands-on presentation skills training course gives you the opportunity to learn AND practice core presentation skills with the help and support of an experienced presenter. You’ll also be able to practice these skills and receive detailed feedback on what you are doing well, and how you can improve further.

Key Benefits

  • Increased confidence – Developing the ability to present to groups will improve your self-confidence.Presentation skills training course
  • Increased audience engagement – We’ll show you how to engage your audience from the start of the presentation.
  • Increased audience recall – If your audience don’t remember your key messages, you have wasted their time and yours. We’ll show you how to make your presentation memorable.
  • Avoid “Death by PowerPoint” – Many presenters don’t know how to use PowerPoint properly and end up reading out the words on their slides. Why not learn a better way?

Target Student:

This course is ideal for all supervisors, managers, team leaders and sales people who struggle to present their ideas in a confident and convincing manner.

Tailored training:

If you have four or more delegates who need this course, or any of our other courses; we can offer a tailored training solution to meet your exact needs. Courses are held either at one of our training venues or on-site using a suitable meeting room.

Course Includes:

  • Lunch and Refreshments – let us know if you have any special dietary needs. [Excluding London]
  • Training Manual
  • Certificate on completion
  • Post course support

For more information about our presentation skills training course
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