Common Presentation Skills Myths Debunked

Presentation Skills Myths Busted

Are your beliefs about your presentation skills holding you back? “A belief is simply a thought that we have ceased to question Someone once told me that a belief is simply a thought that we had ceased to question and that started me on a voyage of discovery to explore my own beliefs to find out…

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How to write a speech – Discover the magic of metaphors

how to write a speech - liken it to cooking a meal for friends

I read a fascinating blog post today which reminded me of the power of metaphors as a tool to make communication more colourful and engaging. I started to think about metaphors relating to public speaking, communication and the idea for a new post about how to write a speech just popped into my head and…

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How to Improve Communication Skills – Avoid These Common Mistakes

How to improve communication skills

I first got interested in how to improve communication skills almost forty years ago, when I started working for a large corporation. I slowly became aware that most of the problems that occurred in the business were rooted in that mysterious process that we glibly label “communication.” Sometimes the cause was a complete lack of communication, (deliberate…

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Guest Speakers – Respect Your Audience Or Else…

respect your audience

A lesson on how not to respect your audience I attend a lot of presentations and am always on the lookout for what speakers do that turns me on or turns me off. Last week I attended a digital marketing show and was dismayed to witness one of the invited guest presenters committing one of…

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Microphone Techniques for Speakers and Performers

microphone technique make the most of your mic

Why is handheld microphone technique so important for speakers? Have you ever seen someone speak into a handheld microphone and yet been unable to hear them clearly, you’ve probably been tempted to blame the PA system?   But what if I told you that the cause of this all too common problem is the presenter’s…

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What If You Were More Confident Than You Thought?

What if you were more confident than you thought?

Want to look and feel more confident? Most of the people who come on my presentation skills training courses suffer, to some degree or other, with a fear of public speaking and would dearly like to feel more confident. I know this because they tell me things like: “I get this tremor in my voice…

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