Speaking To Time – Learn How to Avoid Overrunning

Speaking to time - Man checking watch

Speaking to time – Hands up if you get frustrated by speakers who overrun! Presenters who have not mastered the art of speaking to time are one of my pet hates, and it seems that I am not alone. Overrunning is one of the most common complaints in both the business and community sectors. Few people appreciate speakers…

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Public Speaking – An Everyday Act of Courage

public speaking - courage always comes first

“I need to be confident before I can speak!” As a presentation and public speaking coach, this simple statement is by far the most common reason people give for avoiding presentations or public speaking.  And, on the face of it, it makes perfect sense, until you realise that confidence isn’t something that can be bought…

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Quality Feedback Is Critical For Self Improvement

Quality Feedback is key to success

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of inspiring Oxfordshire Project members in Abingdon on the power of quality feedback. I received excellent feedback from the event and was delighted to learn that this topic had resonated so deeply with the audience. As a result, I thought I’d capture the key messages…

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Storytelling for Speakers – Beware The Dark Side

storytelling for speakers - beware the dark side

Many people have written about the importance of storytelling for speakers from the perspective of the audience. They remind us that packaging information and ideas in the form of a story make it more memorable. But I have never seen an article warning presenters about how the stories they tell could be holding them back from…

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Vocal Variety Tips, Part 3 – Pitch and Resonance

Vocal Variety - Tuning Forks Image

Having learned about the importance of speech projection and delivery speed in the first two articles in this series on vocal variety, it’s now time to turn our attention to pitch and resonance. What is pitch and why is it important? In vocal variety terms, pitch relates to whether you are speaking in a high, low or natural…

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Speaking Speed – How to Perfect Your Pace

Vocal Variety, are you exceding the speed limit

Welcome to the second post in a series of articles on vocal variety for speakers and presenters. In the previous article, I shared some ideas about how public speakers can make the most of their voice projection. Today, I’d like to show you to make the most of your speaking speed. Vocal Variety – How Fast…

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Book Marketing Made Simple – A Review

Having published by first book The Presenters Edge,  back in December 2016 and, having made loads of book marketing mistakes along the way, I was keen to read Karen Williams Book Marketing Made Simple My first reaction after reading this useful publication was – “I wish I had read this before I published my first book!”…

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Q&A Tips for Speakers – How to Turn Terror into Triumph

Q&A Tips for Presenters

I have noticed that many speakers dread the traditional Presentation Question Time slot at the end of their presentation. When I ask them why this is, the most common reasons given are: Fear of losing control Fear of being asked difficult questions Fear of not knowing the right answers Fear of making a fool of…

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