Having published by first book The Presenters Edge,  back in December 2016 and, having made loads of book marketing mistakes along the way, I was keen to read Karen Williams Book Marketing Made Simple

My first reaction after reading this useful publication was – “I wish I had read this before I published my first book!” Of course, that would have been impossible as I published my The Presenter’s Edge5 back in December 2016 and Book Marketing Made Simple has only just been published in the summer of 2017.  Despite that slight temporal anomaly, I am extremely glad that I have read it. The tips and techniques presented will be invaluable to me with the ongoing marketing my first book, and will help me avoid repeating a host of marketing mistakes, as I prepare to write my second.  I recommend Book Marketing Made Simple to all aspiring business authors, whether you have self-published a book already or not, for three main reasons.

Firstly Karen knows what she is talking about and has laid out her extensive knowledge in an easily accessible format. This book’s  23 chapters cover a broad range of proven book marketing tools and techniques organised logically into three main sections – Pre-Launch, Launch and Post-Launch.    

Secondly, I love the way Karen has illustrated each method with case studies from her personal self-publishing experience as well as from those of her many clients. These examples brought the ideas in the book to life and showed me how I could apply the ideas and techniques covered in the book.

Finally, I liked the fact that Karen had included links to her website where I could download free resources such as various worksheets and a very useful book marketing planner. Karen also references her earlier book “Your Book is the Hook” which I  have read, and would also recommend if you want to start writing but are not sure how to get started.

If you’d like to find out more about Book Marketing Made Simple, I recommend that you visit the book’s website http://www.bookmarketingmadesimple.com/


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