Everyone knows that its easier to get business from existing customers than it is to find new ones yet many businesses seem to forget it. Today I’d like to give you an example of how one professional does it naturally.

This morning I had a phone call from a salesman for Kidsafe. They are a charity that manufactures and distributes a road safety board game to primary schools throughout the UK. I have supported this project for the last two years.

Mark, the salesman started well. He introduced himself and his company, checked if this was a good time to call and then made a little conversation by asking about how my business was going and what my holiday plans were.

He then went on to pass on the thanks for the schools in the region for supporting this worthwhile project (made me feel good!) He went on to tell me how the incidence of children involved in road accidents had decreased by 6% in the past year which equated to 64 fewer incidents. (This made me feel even better!)

Then he asked me if I would be willing to continue to support the project for another year and that if I did so, the cost would be frozen at last year’s levels. Given Mark’s professional and pleasant manner I agreed.

He then reminded me of the higher levels of sponsorship opportunity available and asked me if I’d be interested in upgrading my level of support. I declined on this occasion but he had got a definite commitment from me to renew by support.

As I put the phone down, I was smiling as I though of how well Mark had handled the call.

    • I liked his pleasant, conversational manner which created a quick and easy rapport between us


  • I liked the way he asked about me and my business first



  • I liked the way he confirmed that I my previous support had been appreciated and worthwhile



  • I liked the natural way he linked this to a simple direct request for me to renew


At no time did he pressurise me or try any hard sell tactics, it was a pleasant sales conversation and I’m delighted to be supporting Kidsafe for another year.

I bet that you, like me, can think of a number of sales people , who could do with a lesson from Mark.

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