I’m proud to be a salesperson and a sales trainer.

Really! I think it is a very valuable and worthwhile profession and I pride myself on helping people get the right solutions.

What really annoys me is when I see poorly trained, unmotivated or unprincipled salespeople giving customers a bad experience which in turn leads to a bad reputation for the profession as a whole. One of my particular pet hates is when salespeople don’t know the basics about their product or service.

With increasing complexity it’s not always possible to know everything but I’m often astounded by how little some salespeople know about their product and the competition.

Yesterday a friend told me about she asked a shop assistant what the difference was between two different brands of table tennis balls one of which was priced at £4 and the other at £20.

After a short pause the young lady’s responded in all seriousness –
“Well one costs £20 and the other costs £4”

Are you as up to date on your products and your main competitors as you need to be?

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