Earlier today I gave a short radio interview on local radio station Original 106 FM. It was part of a piece on a business networking even taking place later this evening and the meeting host had invited me to join him for the interview because he knew I could be relied upon to speak well.

Speaking live on the radio is seen by some as a terrifying experience but it needn’t be so. Local radio can be a great way to get free publicity for you, your business or your projects so don’t turn down opportunities to speak on radio. Here are my three top tips for making the most of these opportunities and ensuring that you get invited back again.

  1. Chat with the interviewer beforehand. Build a bit of rapport so that you get him or her on your side before the interview
  2. Be clear about what you want to say and prepare concise answers to the questions which you have discussed beforehand. Radio presenters love interviewees who are interesting but concise. They hate yes no answers or people who go on interminably so stick to the point.
  3. Sound enthusiastic and positive – Remember that the radio audience will be judging you based, not only on what you say, but also on the way that you say it

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