Image of a small suitcase with wheel and a handle of the time commonly used by professional speakers

Professional speakers often have a speakers bag that contains everything needed to guarantee that their presentations go well. Recently, at the London Chapter of the PSA (Professional Speaking Association), Roger Harrop shared the contents of his bag.

Roger is a highly successful international speaker, and it was fascinating to hear what he carries with him on his travels in his speakers bag.

  • Data projector
  • Apple MacBook
  • Clicker/PowerPoint remote control for advancing slides remotely
  • Audio Technica High-quality headset microphone
  • Extension lead and international adapter
  • USB memory stick containing a backup of your presentation
  • Mini speakers
  • Flip video camera for recording testimonials
  • Digital camera for newsletter pictures
  • Blu-Tac
  • Very large nib marker pen (so that flip charts are readable to larger audiences)
  • Large digit countdown timer
  • Voice recorder
  • Laminated intro script (to make sure that he gets an accurate introduction)
  • Papershow for annotating slides.

All the above fit into a wheeled case small enough to carry as hand luggage on an aircraft.

What do you take with you in your speakers bag when you present?

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  1. Fred E. Miller on 28/03/2011 at 17:10

    Good list!

    I would also add:
    Nametags (in case they were not provided)
    Sharpie marker for printing on those name tags
    Extra bulb for projector
    business cards
    name tags with your contact information in every pocket!

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