connecting in mid airRecently I’ve been researching the whole area of online marketing and one theme has come out from all the experts and Guru’s I’ve been reading. 

It’s a theme that  believe all offline marketers and presenters also need to be reminded of regularly.  The most effective online marketing sites succeed because they  create a relationship between the producer and the client.     What’s more, they tailor their message to a particular niche or client profile.  They don’t try to be all things to all people.

Why?  Because most people don’t like to buy from strangers.  They need to feel that they know, like and trust you before they will be prepared to part with their hard earned cash.

The best presenters I know have a mindset that is all about building relationships with their audience.  

  • They have a clear picture of the profile of the audience they are presenting to. 
  • They work hard to  understand their fears, concerns and problems so that they can relate their content directly to the needs and wants of their audience.

And how do they build those relationships?

Well first and foremost they are honest and authentic.   Sometimes the people who come to me for help think that they need to become someone else in order to be a good presenter.  They think they need to take on a new “persona” in order to be successful.    Whilst I can understand where they are coming from, experience has taught me that quite the opposite is true.

When you can be yourself in front of an audience, then you will connect much more effectively.  Most people can smell insincerity a mile off.      I once was on a course and one of my fellow delegates gave a technically perfect presentation but afterwards everyone commented on how it didn’t seem “real”.      We could sense that we were seeing an act rather than the truth.    

My challenge to you is, next time you present, set the intention to “be yourself and to really connect with your audience.”  I know that if you do it, you will enjoy the experience much more and so will your audience.

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