If you are reading this then you ignored the post title or maybe you didn’t.  Maybe I tapped into that part of your psyche that likes to be a little rebellious and do what you are told not to do.   Or maybe your brain didn’t actually process the negative command “don’t”.    Its amazing the effect that words can have on our ability to communicate, influence and persuade.

Whether you are first time reader of my blog or are one of the thousands of others who tune in weekly for your fix of tips on how to be a better presenter  you know the power of making small changes.  Well today  I need your help.

I provide content ideas, links and articles for free and I never normally ask for any payback but today is different.    How much do you think the tips, ideas and insights you get from this blog are worth?     How does a £1 sound?

I have chosen to support the launch of a local hospital charity appeal here in Southampton and I have set myself the modest target of raising at least £100  by asking all my blog readers to donate £1 or the equivalent in your own currency.  You can pay online in minutes via my virgingiving charity page for the red&white appeal.

All I am asking for is £1 because I think it it’s affordable, even in these challenging economic times .   I know that  a little donation from a lot of people can make a BIG DIFFERENCE to the lives of patients who suffer from blood cancer and other blood related disorders.

So please help me by making a  small donation to the red white appeal today.


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