In part 2 I outlined a step by step exercise to allow you to “walk up” the logical  to help create internal alignment and in turn enhance “stage presence”.  

Here in the final part of this article I will explain how, having “walked up” the  levels from Environment through Behaviour, Capability  and Beliefs to Identity, you can now integrate all those insights by turning round and walking back down through each of the levels.

NB: I would always advise that you complete parts 2 of the process before you do this final step. I will therefore assume that you have  done this and are currently standing on the piece of paper labelled Identity with all the other levels laid out behind you.

Now turn around so that you are facing back down the levels.

Stage 1:

Take a moment to reconnect with the feelings relating to your identity as a presenter and speaker. feel how good it feels to know that becoming a presenter with real presence is part of who you are and an expression our your own true identity:

Stage 2:

Once you have a real felt sense  presenting and and public speaking is a natural expression of who you are as a unique and special human being  step forward taking your new sense of identity with you into the level of  Beliefs and Values  and answer the following questions;

  • How are your beliefs and values strengthened when you bring your sense of identity into them? 
  • What existing beliefs do you hold which are in alignment with this new sense of self?
  • What new supporting beliefs about yourself and your audience start to emerge ?
  • How much do you value your developing abilities to connect and present with presence?
  • What else would you like to believe in order to feel even more aligned with your identity as a presenter and speaker?
  • What old beleifs that were holding you back do you need to start to question and let go of  ?

Stage 3:

Now, take this  this strengthened sense of identity and these even more supportive beliefs and values with you as you  step forward into the level of Capabilityand how your skills and expertise are enhanced as they become aligned with your identity and beliefs.  As you spend time quietly in this space, answer the following questions;

  • What is my current  level of skill as a presenter and how is it supported by this new sense of identity and belief?
  • What elements of presenting am I currently good at and that I can utilise even more now i feel this way?
  • What skills could I further develop in order to become even more fully aligned with my sense of identity and belief  ?

Stage 4:

Now when it feels right, step forward into the level of Behaviours,consciously bringing with you the learnings and insights from your time spent in the levels of Identity, Beliefs and Capabilities.   Spend a moment enjoying these feelings of alignment and congruence and answer the following questions;

  • How will I behave in the future  as a presenter and speaker? 
  • See, hear and feel yourself in future situations standing confidently, smiling, connecting with your audience, feeling confident,  values relate to being an excellent presenter? 
  • How have my behaviours and mannerisms already started to change for the better as I fully accept this new sense of alignment ?

Stage 5:

Now finally step forward into the level if Environment bringing with you all the gifts from your time in the previous levels, and answer the following questions;

  • When where and with whom will I be able to present with an increased sense of presence now I am aware of this new inner alignment?
  • How does it feel to present to these audiences knowing that being a presenter with presence is fully in  alignment with your innermost sense of who you are and why you are here on the planet?
  • How do your audience respond to you when your beliefs about yourself and them are fully supportive of that sense of identity?
  • How much more effective are you as a presenter and comunicator when you are able to utilise your existing skills and develop new ones in order to express your true sense of identity as a presenter and speaker?
  • Who else could you present to now that you have this sense of inner alignment?

Now step off the line and come back fully into your body.

By now I hope you are feeling pretty good about yourself to say the least.   You have allowed yourself the time to go on a precious journey.  In part 2 you explored and took stock.  In part 3 you gathered powerful resources and integrated them together, step by step into an aligned and cohesive whole.

Now remember how you felt at the end of the process and take that feeling with you into all your presentations and speeches.   You can always get that feeling back by just remembering !

P.s. You may want to repeat this process every so often to continue to develop your sense of wholeness and alignment with your chosen path.  If you have any feedback or questions please post a comment below.

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