The most engaging presenters are those who are both knowledgeable and passionate about their content. We can tell that they are passionate because of things like their animation, energy, vocal variety, eye contact and enthusiasm.

But what about when you have to present information that you are not passionate about?    Well in an ideal world I would be tempted to say don’t present it at all.   Of course this may be  unrealistic, especially the presentation is part of your job.

The secret in these situations is to become passionate about the content. I know it may sound like an impossibility but it isn’t.

Start by asking yourself  “Why you are presenting this information? and “What do you want people to do as a result of hearing it?”

The next step is to familiarise yourself with the material and ask yourself some more questions like:

  • What’s important about this information?
  • What is it telling us?
  • What is it really telling us?
  • How can understanding this information help us?
  • What would happen if my audience really bought into the messages I am going  to present?

The third step is visualise someone who was really passionate about this material.  How would they present it?

  • How would they stand?
  • How would they sound?
  • How would they move?

And finally the last step is to imagine that you could step into their body and deliver the material in the same way as them.

Start by  seeing  yourself giving the presentation, sounding and looking enthusiastic, passionate and engaged.   Then imagine being in your body as you give the presentation, hearing your own voice, feeling the confidence and energy and enthusiasm coursing through your veins.

Imagine the impact that you could have if you could learn to control your energy and deliver with passion whenever you wanted to.  What would that ability do for your career?   How much more influential would you be?  How much more fulfilled could you be?

Gavin Meikle

The Presentation Doctor


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