When I ask the people who attend my workshops what is the difference that makes the difference between and average speaker and a great speaker they often come up “presence”.
When I go on to ask them to be a bit more specific about what they mean by presence, they tend to struggle.

So what exactly is presence? And more importantly how can anyone develop this quality in themselves?

Well I am not sure I know all the answers but I have some ideas to get you thinking.

Presence is the label we give to someone who displays a number of distinct qualities:

  • Confidence in themselves
  • Being comfortable in their own skin and in the location
  • Charisma
  • A sense of deep connection with their audience
  • A relaxed but focused approach
  • Being fully present i.e. Grounded in the present moment
  • The ability to flow with whatever is happening

Presence is undoubtedly very important but is it something that can be learned? I think it can and in the next article I will be exploring some initial thoughts on how to cultivate it. I would also love to hear from you.

  • What does presence mean to you?
  • What behaviours create a perception of presence?
  • What sort of mind set is needed to allow someone to demonstrate presence?

Go on, don’t be shy, your opinions and ideas are valid and other people would love to read them so post your comments below.

Gavin Meikle
The Presentation Doctor.

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