If I had a pound for every time I saw a presenter struggle to change their PowerPoint slides using either their laptop keyboard or a wired mouse, I’d be a rich man!

The results are usually pretty predicable:

  • The presenter has to stand between the projector and the screen resulting in their slides being projected on their clothing – Not very professional!
  • The presenter hits the wrong key and ends up displaying a pop up menu rather than their next slide – Doh!
  • The presenter is “tied” to the laptop so they cannot move around and interact with their audience – Yawn!

The solution is simple – buy a purpose built Wireless PowerPoint Remote control. These are cheap and simple to use. They consist of two parts – a “dongle that plugs into the USB port of your laptop and the remote which allows you to skip forward and back between slides and blank the screen.

I recommend the Kensington Wireless Presenter which costs less that £30. It is simple and reliable and when not in use, the “dongle” fits inside the remote control, automatically switching it of to conserve the battery. This also prevents you from loosing the “dongle”. A simple elegant solution – no serious presenter should be without one!

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