It happens to the best of us. We know what we mean to say but somehow the words that come out of our mouth aren’t what we really wanted to say. Here’s one of mine which I thought might raise a smile.

I was giving a workshop on renewal rituals, tips and tricks for coping with stress and pressure. one section was about getting a good nights sleep and I suggested that delegates should keep a pad an pen handy, and, just before they went to sleep, should jot down all the issues that were worrying them or that they needed to remember. I called this a brain dump before bed.

So far so good, but in my summary I said, before I could stop myself. “so remember that it’s a great idea to do a dump before going to bed.”

The group exploded with laughter and I went a little red.

Oh well, it they certainly remembered that tip when it came to the review and thankfully nobody was offended.

Quote – “If you can laugh at yourself, you well never be short of something to smile about.”

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