When you are delivering a verbal presentation accompanied by PowerPoint slides, there is a big risk that your audience will be so busy reading your slides that they will miss what you are saying.

There are two ways to avoid this major and all too common problem.

  1. Put less words on your slides! (Yes you heard me right. If you have too much written information on your slides you will overload your audience’s brains and they will switch off from you and probably your whole presentation too.

  2. Hide your slide by using the magic of the “B” key to get a blank screen. I’m amazed at how few business presenters are aware of this little PowerPoint trick.

    Pressing “B” will give you a black blank screen. Pressing “B” again returns your slide to full visibility again.

    This is a great way to stop your audience reading the slide and directing their attention back on to you. This is also particularly useful if you want to digress in order to answer a question.

  • P.S. Pressing the “W” key produces a white blank screen. Why anyone needs one, I don’tknow but I am curious and offer a prize of a free copy of my presentation or selling skills e-book to the person who comments with the best reason. NB: Entries close on Christmas Eve!

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