Fear of public speaking is the number one reason why people avoid having to stand up and speak in public. The good news is that this is a natural reaction and that it can be conquered and that nervous energy turned into a resource.

I have posted elsewhere on this site about this topic but on reviewing my posts I realised that I had omitted a few tips that I still use myself and recommend to others. I am to correct this omission over the next few weeks so here’s the first installment.

Did you know that your mind and body really are part of one big system. It’s true and so we know that as well as our thoughts affecting our body, what we do with our body can powerfully effect our thoughts. Here is the first practical application of this principle which will really help you manage your nerves.

Make and old a little saliva in your mouth. – The brain associates a dry mouth with nerves and anxiety so if you deliberately make a little saliva and hold it in the bottom of your mouth it will send signals to the brain which will cause you to feel more relaxed! Try it out for yourself – it really works.

NB: I once saw a documentary on the BBC about a doctor called Manuel Escudero who was able to operate on people without anaesthetic. All he did was get his patient to produce saliva!

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