Last week I was listening to the radio and I happened to hear an interview with a Dave Alred, a coach who specialises in helping people perform well under pressure. He has studied a wide range of people in many different contexts including world class athletes, rugby players, army personnel and business executives and has coached the England Rugby Squad.  

A FIstfull Of Dollars PosterOne of the attributes of the top performers was the ability to cultivate an attitude of inevitability and he illustrated this by talking about a clip from the old Clint Eastwood spaghetti western, A Fistfull of Dollars.   In the film, Clint’s character is walking down the main street en route to a showdown with a group of bad guys.  As he passes the undertaker he tells gives him some  money and tells him to get three coffins ready before continuing on the the gunfight. 

Afterwards, when all the baddies are dead, he walks back to the undertaker, apologises and says, better make that four coffins. In other words, Clint went into the situation as if the outcome where he would win and the bad guys wouldn’t was inevitable. How could you apply this principle to your sales presentations?  What would you need to be thinking?   How would you need to be feeling about that outcome in order to make it inevitable?

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