Many people ask me where I get the pictures I use in my presentations.

Well, whilst many of them are my own, I don’t always have the image I need.

My first port of call in such a situation is always   This is a user-friendly image search engine that searches lots of online stock photo sites for royalty free images.     Whilst you can find images online via the google image search feature, many are covered by copyright and you may have difficulty tracking down the originator to gain permission, hence my love of yotophoto.    The site also has some great technical info on copyright and the in’s and outs of using photographs on the web.

Yotophoto searches the following databases:

  • Flickr,
  • Wikipedia,
  • Stock.Xchng,
  • Morguefile,
  • Pixelperfect Digital and
  • OpenPhoto

My second favourite place is the microsoft clipart and media site which has thousands of free downloadable photographs.

Other question I get asked is “How do you get screenshots on your slides.  I use a great little piece of software called Snagit  although Windows now has a simple snipping tool built-in.  You can find it in the accessories menu.

So there you have it.  You now have no excuse for your presentations being picture free zones.  Ditch the bullet points and replace them with powerful images – your audience will thank you for it.

For an example of images in action see my video post “It’s PowerPoint  Jim, but know as we know it!”


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