iStock_000007181711XSmall.jpgDo you ever have the same problem I have?   I bet you do.   There you are sitting in front of your computer  with  blank powerpoint  or word template in front of you , a deadline looming and your mind is blank!

Unlocking our creativity and escaping the bind of writers block can be easier than you think – well that has been my experience anyway.    In this post I’d like to share a  technique I use to get the creative juices flowing again.

Change your location

It never ceases to amaze me how important my physical environment can be so whenever I get stuck I change my location and see what happens.   In the summer I go sit in the park.  In the winter I prefer a warm coffee shop, for obvious reasons!   Both seem to work well.    Nature is very stimulating and just noticing the trees, birds, clouds and people passing by is guaranteed to stimulate those neurones.

Likewise I find close proximity to other people works well too.   This surprised me initially because I thought it would have the opposite effect.    I suppose I got the idea from reading about how JK Rowling wrote the Harry Potter Novels in her local coffee shop.   Somehow the clatter and the chatter kick-start my brain and I am amazed at how much more creative I can be.

So I’m curious as to where the best place for you would be.   If you haven’t tried changing your space then I highly recommend you do.   And remember to share your own experiences with me and the other readers of this blog by posting a comment below.

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