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How to get more done in less time with less stress

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Course Leader: Gavin Meikle BSc. Head of Learning, Inter-Activ

Who is this time management training course for?

Staff and managers at all levels who face the challenge of delivering on objectives with limited resources and whilst being faced with an increasing number of demands on their time.

What is it about?

Making the best use of your time is a key work and life skill, with which many people struggle. Every day, employees like you faced with competing demands, shorter deadlines and a multitude of interruptions that "steal" your precious time.

This one day interactive time management training course has been designed to help you develop the time management habits you need to make the best use of your time. There is no "one size fit's all" solution. Gavin will demonstrate a range of proven and practical personal effectiveness boosting tools, systems and techniques. When applied, these will help you agree priorities, manage your workload, track tasks, reduce interruptions, stay on top of your email and delegate more efficiently.

How will you benefit from this time management training course?

You'll learn how to:

  • Prioritise better so that you complete more high priority tasks done on timetime management training course
  • Create a "Not to do list" to free up time for the important things
  • Implement simple yet effective task management systems so that you never forget what needs to be done
  • Reduce the impact of human & technological "time stealers" so you can get more done without working late
  • manage your email inbox more effectively
  • Overcome unhelpful procrastination so that you improve work quality and reduce personal stress
  • Develop your ability to delegate, freeing up time for priority tasks that only you can do

Time management training course overview:

• Choice, the underlying principle behind effective time management
• The secrets of effective prioritisation
• Simple systems to keep on top of your tasks
• How to reduce email overload and process email efficiently
• How to reduce interruptions and free up time
• How to negotiate priorities and deadlines
• How to reduce procrastination
• How to delegate effectively

Content includes:

N.B.: The course is interactive and includes numerous practical exercises, activities and case studies to help you understand and apply the skills taught. You will also get a comprehensive manual to refer to after the course.

Course Leader:

Gavin is an enthusiastic and entertaining trainer with a wealth of experience in a broad range of business contexts. He combines 20 years of corporate experience with 17 years of running engaging training programmes for many different industries. Gavin's clients include 123 Insights, Best Invest, Flight Data services, GlaxoSmithKline, The Health and Safety Executive and the Open University. He is a Certified NLP Trainer and Advanced Speaker with Toastmasters International.

Recent Comments

"An excellent course – by far the most useful course I have ever been on and I think it will really help me improve my efficiency and skills as a manager." Lucy P. Phipps PR

"With just a few simple techniques, Gavin helped my team to work better and be more productive. His relaxed training style coupled with a focused approach on the matter in hand made for a really enjoyable and interesting session, which allowed everyone to be involved. We all walked away from this time management training course with at least one new technique for helping us better manage our workloads and working day. Well worth the time!" Rachel C, WSX Enterprise

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