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Belief Change

Prisoners of our own beleifs

In a slight digression from my normal posts, I’d like to share some thoughts about limiting beleifs and how they hold us back from realising our true potential, be that as a presenter, influencer, parent  etc.   I hope you enjoy this short (5min) audio podcast. Just make sure your speakers are turned on and click…

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How To Develop Resourceful Beliefs – Part 2

Last week I started to talk about the power that limiting beliefs to make us ‘Reluctant Presenters’. In Part 2 of this article I want to share with you a simple yet practical technique for defusing your old limiting beliefs and empowering your new resourceful ones… NB:If you haven’t done the exercises in part 1…

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How To Develop Resourceful Beliefs – Part 1

Many reluctant presenters have one or more limiting beliefs that hold them back from developing their full potential. If you’d like to learn some simple ideas to break through this self imposed barrier, read on…. What we believe about ourselves can imprison us or set us free. It’s a choice. Typical limiting beliefs of Reluctant…

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Practical Tools For Dealing With Limiting Beliefs

As I mentioned last week, we can be held back from achieving our full potential by our beliefs.If you haven’t done the exercise from last Saturday post, you could go back and do it now. Making that investment will help you get the best results from this session. Alternatively just work on whatever comes up…

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Your Attitude Is Everything

By now, if you are a regular reader of this blog on selling and influencing tips you will have worked out that each day I aim to tackle a different theme related to sales, presentation skills and influencing and that I revisit each theme every week with a new post. I feel strongly that it…

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