People with well-developed influencing skills achieve more

The ability to influence others is a core interpersonal skill whatever your job title.  It doesn't matter whether you are in sales, technical support, product development, HR or Management.  If you can't win over the hearts and minds of customers, suppliers, and staff, you are going to find it hard succeed.

Portsmouth-based Inter-activ Presenting and Influencing  are your local influencing skills specialists.

The best influencers have mastered two essential components of influence.

Interpersonal Communication Skills

The behaviours that build, trust, respect and credibility

Rapport building


Listening skills

Questioning skills

Non-verbal communication

Presentation skills

Psycholgy of Influence

The underlying principles that drive how people make decisions





Social proof

Commitment & Consistency

Inter-Activ offer a range of influencing skills training options

Two-hour bite-sized learning sessions

Full-day standalone influencing skills workshops

Integrated as part of a comprehensive in-house management academy