The use of the PowerPoint presentation, is a disaster. It should be ditched.”
So says Professor John Sweller of The University of New South Wales in a recent paper.

The learned professor then goes on to say that his research shows that we process information best in verbal or written form but not both simultaneously. I agree but does that really mean that all PowerPoint presentations are by definition bad?

There is a danger that, in following Professor Swellers advice we throw the baby out with the bathwater. I would argue that it is not PowerPoint that is bad, it’s the way that most presenters use it.

So here’s my first tip for making the most of PowerPoint – ban the bullet point and replace it with a supporting picture, graph or diagram whilst you deliver the words in your oratory. My doing this you turn your slides into an aid for the audience not a crutch for the presenter.

Watch out for my next PowerPoint Tip next week and learn more about how you can transform your presentations into engaging and persuasive narratives.

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