I’m excited to tell you all that at long last our latest ebook has been launched.  Its full of practical tips on how to make the most of Microsoft Outlook in order to help people like you get more done in less time.   It includes screen captures and simple step by step instructions to show you how to customise Outlook 2003 and 2007 in order to make it more effective as a time management system.

Learn how to do all sorts of useful things  like:

  • Manage your in-box efficiently
  • Turn emails into tasks and appointments easily
  • Create email folders
  • Colour code important emails automatically
  • Use the task list and Taskpad/To-Do bar to keep on top of your to do lists
  • Manage appointments and fix time items
  • Plus a whole host of bonus tips you will wish you learned about years ago.

Checkout our online book page for more details now!

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