Speech writing tips – How many words?

When I first started writing speeches, I struggled to know how many words to write for a speech of a given length.  The only way I would know was to rehearse the speech and time how long it lasted.

Now I have learned that I typically speak at an average of  80-100 words per minute when presenting in public and so I can quickly calculate how many words I need to write  i.e. 400-500 words for a five minute speech and so on.

Now not everybody speaks at the same pace.   Some books quote the normal speaking rate as around 125 words per minute but remember that there is a big difference between normal conversation and public speaking.   The best public speakers tend, on average to speak a bit slower so i would recommend that you start of with around 100 wpm and see how you get on.   Most word processors have a word count function built into them so it’s easy to check how much you have written.

Of course it goes without saying that when writing a speech of any length don’t  forget the basics.  You need an interesting opening, a powerful conclusion and relevant body content. and remember to rehearse it out loud.  Give as much time to planning the delivery as you do the planning the content.

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 I have a session I am running at an international conference this month and although I have done many presentations the word count calculator along with your very clear framework has given me a really good way of evaluating if I am on the right tracks. Thank you for a concise and really useful guide” - Sheryl Andrews



Gavin Meikle is "The Communication Doctor" and his mission is to change the way the world communicates for good.

He runs workshops and courses as well as 1:1 mentoring programmes, helping business owners, managers and executives achieve personal and professional success.

Gavin is based in Hampshire in the UK.

12 Responses to Speech writing tips – How many words?

  1. Great tip Gavin. I’ve heard many different estimates of average words per minute, but if people can find their own speech pace, they can easily time their presentation. Thanks!

    • Hi Tom
      Thanks for sharing your speech words calculator. I am sure that many readers will find it a useful tool to help them prepare their presentations and speeches.

      • The formula seems to be: time*speed*nervousness.

        Speed is either 1 (slow), 1.2, 1.4 (fast). Nervousness is 1 for “I’m cool”, 1.25 for “I’m nervous”.

  2. good note, i am having to do 40 mins in china, so i think i will plan for 3,500 word / max 4,000 as i need to go slow for translators and i will have 50 or so slides ? any view

    • Thank Greg. Working with a translator brings a whole new dimension and you certainly do need to slow down plus you need to also insert more pauses so that the translator can do their stuff. I think you may need to go for even fewer words! Whilst this can be a chalenge, the discipline of editing your content down to the essentials is often very useful. I recall being a delegate at a 3 day workshop in Japan where the trainer was Amercian and half of the 100 delegates were Japanese! He had a live interpreter so he would say a piece, step back and then she would translate. When he first started, I thought the gaps for translation would be a real pain but actually, it gave me more time to think about what we were being taught and it worked really well.

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