Ikea replaces Powerpoint!

Whilst I am a fan of the intelligent and sparing use of PowerPoint and other presentation tools  I am always on the lookout for great examples of presentations which use props to bring their messages to life.

I recently came across this short 10 minute video on TED and I commend it to you.  Hans Rosling is an inspiring and creative presenter and I love how he uses a simple and readily available prop to help his audience understand some mind boggling numbers.

We could all take a lesson from Hans



 Ikea replaces Powerpoint!


Gavin Meikle is "The Communication Doctor" and his mission is to change the way the world communicates for good.

He runs workshops and courses as well as 1:1 mentoring programmes, helping business owners, managers and executives achieve personal and professional success.

Gavin is based in Hampshire in the UK.

2 Responses to Ikea replaces Powerpoint!

  1. I’ve watched both (or all three, can’t remember) of Rosling’s videos on Ted and they are most certainly amazing. Garr Reynolds has a 1 hour documentary on his life over at his (Garr’s) blog – worth a look as well.

  2. Hi Gavin
    I agree: great use of props. Actually,very good use of screen visuals too.And above all, I think, passion in his voice and thus conviction behind his message. A great clip.
    Cheers, Jonathan

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