Ikea replaces Powerpoint!

Whilst I am a fan of the intelligent and sparing use of PowerPoint and other presentation tools  I am always on the lookout for great examples of presentations which use props to bring their messages to life.

I recently came across this short 10 minute video on TED and I commend it to you.  Hans Rosling is an inspiring and creative presenter and I love how he uses a simple and readily available prop to help his audience understand some mind boggling numbers.

We could all take a lesson from Hans



2 Responses to Ikea replaces Powerpoint!

  1. I’ve watched both (or all three, can’t remember) of Rosling’s videos on Ted and they are most certainly amazing. Garr Reynolds has a 1 hour documentary on his life over at his (Garr’s) blog – worth a look as well.

  2. Hi Gavin
    I agree: great use of props. Actually,very good use of screen visuals too.And above all, I think, passion in his voice and thus conviction behind his message. A great clip.
    Cheers, Jonathan

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