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How to be a more confident – fire your fear of public speaking

How to be a more confident – fire your fear of public speaking

If you have ever had an anxiety or panic attack at the thought of speaking in public, then you know how an emotional hijack feels. In this post, I’d like to share why it happens and how, by learning how to manage it, you can fire your fear of public speaking and become a more… Continue Reading

Dynamic Presentation Skills Training – Hampshire – 1 Day

Presentation Skills training Delivered In Conjunction with Ipso Facto Training The ability to speak to groups with confidence and clarity is an essential business skill for sales people and managers. This interactive course will give you the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to be a  more effective public speaker from an experienced, professional presenter. Presentation Skills Training… Continue Reading

A new way to become fearless?

Recently I heard pop star Jessie J interviewed on BBC Radio 4.  During the interview she talked about how the key to success was being fearless.  She then went on to define what that meant for her. She explained that fearlessness was the acceptance that , making mistakes, getting things wrong, or being criticised by others were just… Continue Reading

Public speaking nerves – embrace your vulnerability

One of the most common reasons for public speaking nerves is our fear of making a mistake in front of others. Maybe we’ll dry up, or say something stupid or …   In other words, we are scared to let others to see that we are anything less than perfect. Interestingly, some of the best… Continue Reading

Olympic lessons for presenters who want to be the best

The dust has settled on the London 2012 Olympics and the UK can get back to normal but are there any lessons for presenters from the 2012 Games? I could be negative and have a go at the professional BBC commentators who managed to entertain us with a vast selection of bloopers, contrived alliterations, uhms… Continue Reading

Are you afraid of people looking at you?

Recently I have had a number of presentation coaching clients who have avoided making presentations because they suffered from an acute fear of being looked  or judged. The technical name for the fear of people looking at you is Scopophobia and can be a very debilitating.  Whilst some cases need specialist 1:1 therapy, many people find that simple… Continue Reading