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Presentation Skills

Our Public Speaking courses provide the ideal blend of teaching, practice, and feedback required to build the confidence of reluctant presenters. Our advanced presentation courses and 1:1 public speaking coaching are perfect for honing the skills of more experienced speakers.

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Time Management

Today, more than ever, employees need to know how to make the most of their precious time.  Our time management training courses teach a range of practical, proven techniques and tools that are, if implemented, guaranteed to help you and your staff get more done in less time.

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Management Skills

Our management skills training turns good supervisors into great managers. An employee's relationship with their line manager is the most important factor in determining that employees performance so investing wisely in management training makes sound business sense

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Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing
"Great workshop, an A-Z of how to deliver a great presentation. How to combat your fears, create good structure and content. Composure, body language and much more. I felt that the whole day was very good value for money, Gavin's hospitality, food and refreshments make it a great learning and pleasurable experience. As well as the practice, you come away with a pack that has all the info to refer on in preparation for your next presentation . Highly recommend. "